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Tips for Buyers, buying shadow boxes, display case assemby tips, what to put inside your shadowbox
  • Plan ahead. Allow enough time to purchase item without having to pay higher delivery fees

  • Know what to put in the display. This way you know just how large a display to purchase.

  • Many times these gifts are good to keep secret. However, the person you are honoring may have specific desires.

  • Track down all the items to display. Sometimes you may have no choice other than to get these items from the person you are honoring. Be creative.

  • Unfortunately not every deserving individual receives a display. So it is OK to put your own box together. You worked hard for it, you deserve it.

  • Many deserving people are not presented a display because they specifically asked for one not to be presented. This is usually due to the veteran not wanting to get emotional upon departure. Personal experience has been, present them with one any way. They will thank you for it later. There reaction will be well worth your effort.

  • What to put in the display?  Rank insignia, flags, medals, decorations, coins, name tags, engraved plates, dog tags, badges, retirement pins, weapons, foreign currency, any memorable items with great meaning to the service member.

  • Take a digital photo of several layouts. Then review them to pick the best view before attaching items permanently.
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